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The TRINITY RIVER BASIN BAND is based in Dallas, Texas. TRB2's High Energy show will make you want to sing along, get off your seat and dance and want More, More, More! The Trinity River Basin Band  features a review style show that will have you dancin' and singin' right along with the band! We perform "ROC-A-BLUZ-SOUL-FUNK-N-JAZ!!!" We can draw from a vast musical repitoire and tailor a show to fit almost any need!

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We specialize in: 


AKA Greg Zilman - Guitar
Z-Man is the bandleader and founder of the Trinity River Basin Band. Adept at performing a variety of musical styles, Z-man’s guitar work is the driving force for the music you’ll experience.

He toured in the 60’s and 70’s with Nevermore & the Ravens,  The Firebirds, GNP Band (Gross National Product) playing R&B, soul, rock and blues in clubs, honkey tonks and roadhouses. He spent four years with LeRoy Perry, (Ink Spots guitarist and singer.) He co-foundedThe New Millennium Blues Band with Maestro Delbert Taylor.... produced and wrote the album for the Los Angeles based group comprised of performers who have worked with Ray Charles, Etta James, Freda Payne, The Temptations, The Supremes, Lou Rawls and many more. 

We are fortunate to have several Great Keyboard Players who bring a full range of Flavors and Colors to the TRB2 Repertoire!  Their stylings and skills help lift our music to the highest levels!  The recordings on this site feature:  
Mr. Rick Stuart (native New Yorker who saw the light and moved to the Metroplex!)  &   Mr. Ruf Rufner....   Ruf is a local Touring Musician who hangs with us when he's not in Europe, or Chicago or some other exotic Location. 

TRB2 - Bass
Rock-solid and in-the-pocket, William "WILDWILL" Acord is a native Texan and TRB2 regular! He has made a name for himself by laying down the strong bottom line driving rhythm sections to new heights.   You'll find him in many places here in the Dallas music scene. He appears regularly with several bands including the Silvertones, The Randy McAllister Band, and AJ & BlueRoux....He’s a “go to” guy for many bands.   When he's touring we often employ the services of another Great, Mr. Arem Doroff who is also a mighty fine player!  We also draw on the expertise of award-winning Terry Montgomery, John Echols, and Stan Allison....

TRB2 - Percussion 
Gregory Finsley has joined the TRB2 line up and holds down the percussion slot.  He is also a great show as a Lead Male Vocalist. The Trinity River Basin Band also draws from a number of the best percussionists in the metroplex  including WC HANDY award winning Tommy Hill, Marc LeBlanc, Paul Miller, Jimmy Morgan, Bobby Baronowski and others. These guys are adept at virtually any style of music featured in our shows.

TRB2 - Guitar/Vocals
Among several lead guitar/vocalists performing with the Trinity River Basin Band are award-winning front men...  A.J Babineaux is our Mainstay.  He is a very talented singer and "In The Pocket" Guitarist!  We also enjoy the talents of Ted Davi (featured on CD/DVD), Professor Fred Hamilton, Brady Mosher, Brent Rozell, and Thad Bonduris. Their versatility and unique styles span the spectrum of great music and musical formats.

TRB2 - Vocalists
The talented vocalists of the band include Gwendolyn Mayse, Andrea Dawson, C.C Rice and Susan B. Taylor all featured in this package CD/DVD. Their vocal talents bring power and range, silky, raw, soulful, edgy and melodic styles. Each is an established performer on stage in a variety of venues around the DFW area including musical theater.

TRB2 - Horn Section
Trinity River Basin Band has had the good fortune of having access to the best horn sections in the southwest. We have drawn from the performance talents of award-winning musicians such as The Legendary Marchel Ivery – Sax Man... Freddy Jones – Trumpet... Dr. Charles Anderson- Sax (Freddie and Charles sit in with us on occasion..)  Our regular horn section is comprised of two virtuosos in their own right,
**Mr. Greg Waits – Trombone...and... Mr. Alan Burton - Saxophone. **